Piano Recitals

Piano Recitals

Our Three Annual Spring Student Piano Recitals

Each year in June, the Mascari Piano Studios presents our Annual Spring Student Piano Recitals. These piano recitals have been a tradition for over 35 years for students talking lessons at our Natick, MA Piano Studio and our third year for students at our Hudson, MA Piano Studio.

A total of three recitals are given each year so that all of our piano studio students have an opportunity to perform. The two afternoon recitals featured children and young adult students. The evening recital is a more informal program featuring several of our Mascari Piano Studios adult students.

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Why do piano teachers hold recitals?
Student/Parent Feedback

“The recital on Sunday was just lovely!! I love your introductory comments for each child and it was so great to see each of their personality’s as well as how they progress the longer they stick to it. I was very sorry that I could not stay until the end as I would have loved to have seen your most advanced students. Also – thank you for being such a supportive teacher. I think that it is wonderful that you let them pick their own pieces for the recital. I asked Skylar if she wanted to continue with piano for next year and she responded, “Yes. . of course!” and gave me a look like it was a very dumb question. I am thrilled that she likes it so much.”

Kimberly Booker Schmid, Parent

The most important reason for having a recital every year is to provide each student with the opportunity to work towards the goal of performing at least one piece really well. Without exception and regardless of age, students rise to the occasion. They practice more, focus better and put forth the extra effort to make sure that their piano recital performance is the best it can be.

Students also get two additional important benefits from recitals. First, they get to hear other students (especially the more advanced ones) who provide the inspiration for them to keep practicing. They then have a level of piano playing to which they can aspire.

Second, they involve their family members in the process of preparing for and performing at their recital. As a result, they often receive encouragement and support from those closest to them. This can have a huge impact on their motivation and ultimate success!

Want help preparing for your next piano recital? Read Ed’s article: Piano Recital Checklist: 12 Secrets for a Successful Performance. Ready to join the fun? Contact us today!