Piano Lesson Styles

Piano Lesson Styles

Teaching Classical, Jazz, Accompaniment and more

While some music schools follow a department store model by offering lessons on everything from Dance to DJ, at the Mascari Piano Studios we focus on providing the very best private piano instruction available anywhere.

You’re interested in learning to play the piano and our focus is teaching the piano. We are also dedicated to teaching you the particular style, or styles, of piano playing that interest you. While playing the piano is fun – a lot of fun – at the Mascari Piano Studios, we take our motto learn to play the music you love very seriously.

Drawing on our faculty of five outstanding piano teachers with diverse backgrounds, we can match you with a teacher who will be an expert in playing and teaching the kind of music that you really want to play. From classical piano to jazz, blues, pop, church music and everything in between we have outstanding teachers in every imaginable style of piano playing.

Here are just a few specific examples.

Jazz Piano

Swing, ragtime, bebop, cool, on and on and on. Jazz piano covers such a wide range of styles it’s impossible to list them all. What is possible, and is a lifetime of fun, is to learn to play the piano in your favorite jazz style.

Diana Mascari is an outstanding jazz pianist with over 40 years performance experience, concentrating on playing the songs from the American Songbook. Diana has performed as a soloist and with many other jazz artists including Rebecca Parris and John Dougherty.

As evidence of his dedication to teaching jazz piano and the wonderful, diverse compositions that make up the American Songbook, Diana has written hundreds of blog posts on the subject over the last several years in her Conversation’s at the Piano music education blog. She has also recorded many of the pieces he writes about.

Diana has inspired hundreds of students to learn to play jazz piano including many adults taking up the piano for the first time. She excels at teaching jazz piano to all levels of students, beginning, intermediate and advanced.Faculty members Robert Canavello and Russ Carlton also have extensive background in jazz performance and teaching.

Ready to learn to play Jazz Piano from one of our experienced teachers? Contact us today.

 Classical Piano

Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and, of course, Chopin. These are all names that come to mind when you think “classical piano”. These musicians, and their contemporaries, composed some of the most beautiful piano music of all time.

At the Mascari Piano Studios we have just the teachers you are looking for to help you master the work of your favorite classical composers.

For example, faculty member Stan Hanson, who takes his classical piano playing very seriously having been a church organist and music director for over 45 years. Faculty member Jean Breidenbach is also a church organist and accomplished classical performer.

Ready to learn to play Classical Piano from one of our experienced teachers? Contact us today.

Playing Piano from a Fake Book

If you’ve played the piano, or even seen some popular piano sheet music, you’ve seen those letters above the notes in the music: C, A7, bmin7, etc. These are chord symbols and they represent an exhilarating freedom from being bound by the usual left hand accompaniment that as a pianist you have been playing for years.

Playing the piano from a fake book opens up a whole new world of piano playing that many older children and adult piano students find especially fun and rewarding. Faculty members Diana Mascari and Robert Canavello are all well qualified to teach you how you can have fun playing the piano from a fake book.

Ms. Mascari teaches private lessons herself at both our Natick MA and Hudson MA piano studio locations. She has just a few openings left for students who are interested in learning how to enjoy a new found freedom in their piano playing by playing the piano from a fake book.

Ready to experience the joy of Playing the Piano from a Fake Book from one of our experienced teachers? Contact us today.

High School and Middle School Jazz Band Piano Playing

For over 35 years high school and middle school age piano students have brought their school jazz band music to their piano lessons here at the Mascari Piano Studios. The school jazz band provides piano students with a great way to participate in their school instrumental music program.

Sometimes these pieces consist of just lead sheets and sometimes they are full two hand piano arrangements. In either case, all of our faculty members are very well qualified and eager to help students with their school jazz band music.

Are you a high school or middle school age piano student who would like some help with your School Jazz Band Piano Playing? Contact us today.

Playing Hymns and Church Music on the Piano

Music is an important part of most religious ceremonies. Particularly the singing of hymns during a religious service. Being able to interpret and perform hymns and other church music effectively on the piano and organ is another musical skill that is in high demand.

Diana Mascari, Jean Breidenbach and Stan Hanson are all also church music directors, experienced at helping students learn to play hymns and other church music on the piano.

Ready to learn piano Hymns and Church Music from one of our experienced teachers? Contact us today.

Piano Accompaniment

Accompanying a chorus, choir, instrumental soloist or any musician on the piano is an art in itself. Being an outstanding accompanist, while remaining in the background is a skill that must be developed over time. At the Mascari Piano Studios we can help you become an excellent piano accompanist, able to expertly accompany both soloists and musical ensembles.

Faculty member Stan Hanson is an outstanding piano accompanist. He is also able to effectively teach that skill to all intermediate and advanced piano students. Stan plays as a rehearsal and performance piano accompanist for several area vocal groups. He has also been the Music Director for many musicals at the Hudson MA High School.

All of our faculty members are also skilled at accompanying choirs/soloists and teaching the art of accompaniment on the piano.

Ready to learn to be an effective Piano Accompanist from one of our experienced teachers? Contact us today.

Piano Lessons for Younger Students

Teaching younger piano students requires a different approach to teaching the piano. Often students benefit from engaging in some physical activity to reinforce and help focus their learning.

Echo clapping is a time honored method for teaching the fundamentals of rhythm to younger music students for example. Effectively teaching younger students the piano also requires the teacher to limit the amount of time spent on any one activity (keep things moving).

All of our faculty members have the experience necessary to adjust their teaching style to benefit younger piano students and enjoy seeing these students grow and have fun as they begin to learn to play the piano.

Are you a parent with a 5, 6 or 7 year old son or daughter who has expressed a desire to play the piano? Contact us today.

These are just some of the many styles of piano learning that we are able to offer at the Mascari Piano Studios. Ready to join the fun? To see your dream of being able to play the piano come true?

Contact us today for more information and to get starting in learning to play the music you love.