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Jazz Composer Diana Mascari

Experienced jazz composer Diana Mascari can help you find your own musical voice

Composing music in many forms has always been a part of Diana Mascari’s creative life. Her desire to learn more about composition lead Diana to return to school in the mid 1990s, earning a Masters Degree in Composition and Jazz Studies at New England Conservatory as well as Doctoral Studies in Composition, Theory, and Musicology at Boston University. This educational sojourn led to the composition of a wide variety of orchestral, choral and chamber music.

Even before all of this though, Diana was a jazz composer. Going all the way back to 1966 with her first jazz composition, Soft Summer Breeze, which she composed for the GB group she was performing with.

In fact, Diana’s jazz compositions have often inspired by the many musical ensembles she has performed in over the past 40+ years. In 2014 when she started with her own Diana Mascari Jazz Trio, Diana was inspired to write several compositions for this group. These compositions span several types of jazz music.

Going back to her funk roots, for example, Diana came up with Crystal Clear. While many jazz tunes are written primarily as vehicles for improvisation, others have much more structure and length, since the composer has something specific to say. This is the case with Diana’s Crystal Clear. (The title inspired by her 80 pound lab-boxer mix dog Crystal).

As a jazz composer, Diana is interested in the depth of musical content that will also work with an effective groove. Crystal Clear is a crystal clear example of a composition that does both of these things.

Diana has recorded Crystal Clear in live performance by the Diana Mascari Jazz Trio as well as her own solo piano version of the tune.

Sleuths, Lies and Alibis was also inspired by Diana’s Trio playing, this time making use of the color and timber of the soprano sax as played by Rebecca Wellons. Sleuths, Lies and Alibis uses a bluesy jazz shuffle feel that gets people’s feet taping. Diana has also made a live performance trio recording of this composition as well as her own solo piano version.

Diana’s extensive experience as a composer, both jazz and classical, allows her to bring a unique perspective and depth to her teaching.

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