Conversations at the Piano Duet Book

Conversations at the Piano Duet Book

A Piano Duet Book by Diana Mascari

Playing piano duets is a wonderful way for students to learn about rhythm, melody, dynamics, and many other aspects of piano playing. They’re also great fun for both student and teacher.

As part of her dedication to the art of teaching piano, Diana Mascari has written a book of piano duets that are accessible to the beginning to intermediate piano student. She has titled this book, Conversations at the Piano, the same title she uses for her extensive piano blog.

As a sample of this wonderful educational resource, here is one of the duets from the book entitled Beguine. A beguine is a type of dance and a form of music that is similar to a slow rhumba. It was especially popular in the 1930s.

One of the most popular examples of a beguine is the song “Begin the Beguine” by Cole Porter. For more information on using the beguine style of playing, see our instructional video on the Beguine Bass.

For this duet, listen to the two parts played together and then each part played separately. Then download the student part and try playing it along with the Teacher Part track.

The entire Conversations at the Piano duet book is currently made available exclusively to students studying at the Mascari Piano Studios. It’s just one of the many educational resources we make available to our students, from beginning piano students to advanced adult piano students.

We offer piano lessons in a variety of styles and encourage all of our students to have fun playing the style they prefer as well as helping them to explore piano styles the may be new to them.

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