Music Theory Building Blocks

Music Theory Building Blocks

12 Building Blocks to Start Your Keyboard Success

These first six lessons from our 12 Building Blocks to Start Your Keyboard Success  are designed to give you better piano playing results right away. Each building block will give you the key that unlocks the next musical door.

Building Block No. 1
Unlocking the Secret System of the Black & White Keys: Half Steps and Whole Steps
It doesn’t matter whether you play a piano or a keyboard, you use black and white keys. Once you understand how the pattern works, the doors of music will swing wide open for you.

Building Block No. 2
Scaling the Summit is as Simple as Do- Re- Mi: Major Scale
You’ve probably heard it said, “practice your scales”. You may think that you should do this so your fingers will move correctly and that is right. But knowing how to form major scales will give you the answers you will need to answer a lifetime of musical questions.

Building Block No. 3
Discovering 1-3-5 is as Easy as 1-2-3: Major Triad
If you’re like most piano students, you probably know how to play a C major chord as well as a few others. Once you follow this simple method for forming major chords, you’ll know how to form and play every single major triad.

Building Block No. 4
Finding the Fast Way to Double What You Know Already: Minor Triad
Instead of memorizing several minor chords, this lesson will give you two valuable tools:
1) how to form all the minor chords and
2) how to quickly turn minor chords in majors and major chords into minors.

Building Block No. 5
Capturing the Comfortable Connection Between Chords: Inversions
One of the secrets to smooth sophisticated piano playing is to use chord inversions. This Building Block will show you how to play each chord in more than one way. You’ll then be able to move from one chord to another effortlessly.

Building Block No. 6
Picking the Powerful Three Notes for Piano Playing Proficiency: Three-note Dominant 7th chords
Whether you’re playing a classical piece, a folk song, a show tune, a jazz composition or even a rock ‘n roll number, the dominant 7th chord is essential. With the skill you learn in this lesson, you’ll be able to add this effective chord to every song you play.

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